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Shahjahan‍‍`s nomination declared valid, Harun‍‍`s invalid

December 3, 2023, 05:51 PM

Shahjahan‍‍`s nomination declared valid, Harun‍‍`s invalid

Staff Reporter

The nomination form of Awami League candidate former BNP vice-chairman Major (Retd) Shahjahan Omar from Jhalakathi-1 constituency (Rajapur-Kathalia) for the coming 12th national election was declared valid today (Sunday).

On the other hand, the nomination form of existing member of parliament from Jhalakathi-1 constituency (Rajapur-Kathalia) Bazlul Huq Harun was cancelled.

Though Harun submitted his nomination as an Awami League aspirant, he was dropped as the party did not give him nomination at the last time.

The scrutiny of nomination forms of the candidates in two seats of Jhalakathi began at about 10:00am on Sunday (December 3). Afterward, Jhalakathi deputy commissioner and returning officer of the election Farah Gul Nijhum announced cancellation of the nomination papers of seven candidates in two constituencies. At that time, the nomination forms of eight candidates were declared valid.

‍‍`Boat‍‍` symbol candidate Shahjahan Omar was present during the scrutiny of the nomination forms. He appeared in Jhalakathi for the first time today (Sunday) after submitting nomination as an Awami League candidate leaving the BNP. At that time, local Awami League leaders and workers were seen with him.

Returning officer‍‍`s office sources said the nomination forms of six, out of 11, from Jhalakathi-1 seat and one, out of four, seats from Jhalakathi-2 (Sadar-Nalchity) were cancelled.