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Gaza and Instagram make an explosive mix in Hollywood

December 8, 2023, 02:19 PM

Gaza and Instagram make an explosive mix in Hollywood

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Hollywood celebrities are paying the price for taking sides in the Gaza war -- plastering their social media accounts with slogans such as "Free Palestine" or "I stand with Israel".
 Israeli actress Gal Gadot, best known for starring in "Wonder Woman", has expressed unyielding support for her country since October 7, when Hamas fighters burst out of Gaza, killing about 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and taking around 240 hostage, according to Israeli officials, AFP reports.

"I stand with Israel, you should too," she declared to her 109 million Instagram followers.

 She has continued to regularly publish or share posts demanding that Hamas release the civilians it is holding -- earning her both approval and criticism.

 "While you‍‍`re at it, can you use your platform to share all the missing and killed innocent Palestinians too?" a user on X, formerly Twitter, wrote in response to one of her posts.
In reprisal for the October 7 attacks, Israel has pounded the Gaza Strip and launched a ground invasion, killing more than 17,000 people, mostly women and children, according to Gaza‍‍`s Hamas government.

The Instagram account of American model Gigi Hadid, who is of Palestinian descent and followed by 79 million, has spent less attention on fashion in recent weeks.

She cited the "systemic mistreatment of the Palestinian people by the government of Israel".

 "Stop spreading lies. You and your sisters are antisemitic," said one comment, with many others expressing similar views.

Famous stars can generate equally strong admiration and repulsion from the public, especially if they comment on divisive issues.

Well before social media, boxer Muhammad Ali, the actor Jane Fonda and singer Bob Dylan were adored or hated over their opposition to the Vietnam War.

More recently the actors Ben Stiller, Angelina Jolie and Sean Penn showed their support for Ukraine by visiting the country, in moves that were approved by most of their Western fans.