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Porshi‍‍`s electrifying performance in Munshiganj

December 12, 2023, 07:25 AM

Porshi‍‍`s electrifying performance in Munshiganj

Staff Reporter

This December was supposed to be a month filled with concerts, but unfortunately, many concerts have been postponed due to political reasons.

However, amidst all of this, Porshi and her group Bornomala are bringing joy to the crowds in Munshiganj. The concert echoed with cheers as they performed numerous popular tracks, including the enchanting "Tomake Khuje Pai Oy Neel Akashe."

Porshi made her place in the audience‍‍`s hearts as a singer and actor. She became famous with the popular singing reality show "Khude Gaan Raj" in 2008. Porshi‍‍`s popular songs include "Ore Mon," "Chol Pakhi Hoye Uri," "Jonom Jonom," amongst others.

Here‍‍`s to witnessing much more of Porshi‍‍`s fantastic performances in the upcoming concerts.